Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Field - Yesterday And Today

After presenting his own formula - techno beats with involving drone loops that seem to extend to infinity - in From Here We Go Sublime, his, hum, sublime debut of 2007; and then extending that formula to its limits in Sound Of Light (a project from 2008 commissioned by the Nordic Light Hotel), it was clear that Axel Willner was reaching a point of no-return where something would have to change. Either that or starting to repeat himself and letting the magic go. Although Yesterday And Today is not the great leap forward that one could expect, it does seem like the first step to something new that is still to come. Meaning that it still lives from those dreamy and gorgeous loops (and most of them are as breathless as ever), but it also incorporates other more physical elements (including a guest spot by drummer John Stanier of Battles). A transitional moment that leaves me with great expectations for what lies ahead. (7/10)

The Field - Leave It (mp3 via Circle Square Triangle)

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