Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

With music like this, it's really hard to resist the obvious temptation of citing this record's title when describing it. Coming from Sweden (hum...), "From Here We Go Sublime" is, at first listen, just another take into the techno and trance universe. But as always with the best things, there's really much more to it than the eye first meets. Containing some of the most evocative sounds coming from an electronics album in recent years, it's really hard to put in words what's transmitted by this music, but here's a modest try: using involving sounds and poetic resonances, Axel Willner, the producer behind this project, turns techno music into a vast dreamy landscape, full of subliminal frequences and gigantic hypnotic powers. Glorious, luxuriant, spacious, emotive and also slightly nostalgic, "From Here We Go Sublime" takes simple minimal loops, trance-y effects and shoegazing sounds and builds something grandious that can actually be used as an ultimate form of escapism. Yes, this is music that takes its listenner to new places and, with that, it manages to do something that only very rarely is achieved. Rewarding and conforting as few other records, there's only one word that comes to mind in the end. And yes, that word is "sublime". (9,5/10)

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