Sunday, April 15, 2007

Incognito - Bees + Things + Flowers

For a demonstration of "savoir-faire", nothing better than to look at what the voice of experience has to say. Incognito were a popular british band during the acid-jazz explosion in the early 1990's and, many years afterwards, they are here again to show us that they definitely still have it. Consisting mostly of covers of 1970's classics and also new versions of their old songs, "Bees + Things + Flowers" is exactly what could be expected from a group of musicians with nothing to prove and no other goal than to enjoy themselves: eleven soul, r&b and jazz songs that won't change anything but are a breeze of fresh-air in today's music scene. Solid arrangements, a fluid song-writing, soulful voices and, most of all, an amazing and powerful use of strings and violins are used to build an atmosphere of elegance and radiance. And even though there are mostly downtempo songs in here, the final result is not far from what its title suggests: simple things that can make the world a happier place. (7/10)

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