Monday, January 31, 2011

This is my moment I waited all my life

A lot of much-anticipated videos are coming out in the next few days... First, here's Nicki Minaj in her most recent opus, with a bit of over-the-top epicness thrown in. I love her and I also love Drake, so yeah, for me this is pretty much heaven... Or, in other words, just like the song: rough and cute in equal parts.
Up next (out on Tuesday): Rihanna's S&M!

Some light on your dark

Patrick Wolf is living happy times and so are we if he keeps on releasing tracks like this one. The City is an epic, celebratory, bring on the drums and the sax kind of track that just made my life a lot better (music has a funny way of doing that to you, doesn’t it?). Patrick has to be one of my favorite musicians ever, I think his lyrics are genius and the intense emotions of his music is unparalleled. Give me dark Patrick Wolf or joyful Patrick Wolf any time of the day and I’ll take it. And this video! I mean, come on, could it be any more cute? That vintage cinematography with burnt-out colors, the beach settings, the friends gathering, that sexy look with his mate at minute 3 (wow!)… bliss! Can’t wait for the release of Lupercalia... bring it on!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taylor Swift - Speak Now

And in a sort-of-evilish association with the previous post ("I'mma let you finish", Kanye West, VMA's 2009), here's my current latest obsession. This is the perfect example of perfectly-effective songwriting that suits perfectly a perfect voice from a perfectly sweet girl. So (perfect and) cute! (8/10)

Taylor Swift - Enchanted (mp3)

Taylor Swift - Back To December (video)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ok first things first I’ll eat your brains

I believe this video has leaked before being completely finished, but even so, it looks like another winner for Mr. Kanye West... seriously now, can he ever do a bad one? And about that - legendary - guest appearance rap by Nicki Minaj, at the second half of the song... it's basically still the best thing on the entire My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I'm just saying...

Friday, January 21, 2011

I don't speak German but I can if you like

What a great way to build up the hype for Born This Way! Lady Gaga has premiered a remix of a new song, Scheiß, from her forthcoming album, as part of a project that included herself as music director for a web-only film showcasing Mugler collection, men's ready-to-wear F/W 2011-2012. Bold, dark and very avant-garde, loving it here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Its easy to be Puff, its harder to be Sean

Who knew that the guy above would still be able to put out such inspiringly epic songs and actually be damm-good at it?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

If you ever loved somebody put your hands up

This one is already some months old, but any time is a good time to enjoy such an awesome synth-loaded (and also string-heavy) r&b emo-love anthem. In the video, Nelly goes sky-high and, well, there aren't much better words to describe the four minutes that this song lasts.

Monday, January 10, 2011

If I said 'I want your body', would you hold it against me?

When I said yesterday that we would hear much more crossovers between dubstep and pop in the near future, I wasn't expecting it to be so soon... but one day later, Britney's new single leaks and it literally blows the roof off anything ever done before. Not to mention that much-talked-about breakdown after the second chorus, which is really one of the best things ever. Basically a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (mp3)

Magnetic Man - Magnetic Man

An electronic project between three of the most famous dubstep producers out there (Skream, Benga and Artwork), Magnetic Man seem very aware of their supergroup status, at least considering all the larger-than-life vibes that come from their debut full-length. With strong wicked beats, anthemic synth lines, an interesting line-up of guest voices (John Legend, Ms Dynamite, Katy B, Sam Frank and Angela Hunte) and some really catchy melodies, everything in here seems designed to sound BIG. And so it is, with extremely physical sounds that reach their best when aiming higher, hands-in-the-air style, like the goosebumps-inducing song Anthemic. Or, even better, when all this is achieved while staying close to the best pop music rules, something which is done in many moments across this album and has its peak in the wonderful I Need Air. (7/10)

Magnetic Man - Anthemic (mp3)

Magnetic Man - I Need Air (video)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Keep Walking On My Friend

Five perfect minutes of futuristic beats, a dark awesome melody and some poignant break-up lyrics, in one of the finest crossovers between dubstep and pop ever done so far. And I'm pretty sure we'll hear much more of this kind in the near future.

Skream + Example - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again (mp3 via What's Good With It)