Monday, January 10, 2011

Magnetic Man - Magnetic Man

An electronic project between three of the most famous dubstep producers out there (Skream, Benga and Artwork), Magnetic Man seem very aware of their supergroup status, at least considering all the larger-than-life vibes that come from their debut full-length. With strong wicked beats, anthemic synth lines, an interesting line-up of guest voices (John Legend, Ms Dynamite, Katy B, Sam Frank and Angela Hunte) and some really catchy melodies, everything in here seems designed to sound BIG. And so it is, with extremely physical sounds that reach their best when aiming higher, hands-in-the-air style, like the goosebumps-inducing song Anthemic. Or, even better, when all this is achieved while staying close to the best pop music rules, something which is done in many moments across this album and has its peak in the wonderful I Need Air. (7/10)

Magnetic Man - Anthemic (mp3)

Magnetic Man - I Need Air (video)

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safemeds said...

Dubstep: it always sounds like wubadoobby all the track long.