Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home Videos # 4

Patrick Wolf - Accident & Emergency (live)

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position (live)

Patrick Wolf showed yesterday in Lisbon that he's a complete artist, giving space to his many intriguing sides at once, from the extravagant singer to the forrest folk troubadour, from the viola player to the piano virtuoso, in a show that mixed cabaret elements with an intimate encounter. It was also really nice to see that there's a common and even slightly shy guy behind the thousand masks, making the full artist seem even more charming.

(filmed on the 18-04-2007 in Lux, Lisbon)


joana said...

quando o vi em manchester. no início deste ano achei o puto genial. :)

Random types said...

Tem mesmo muito talento, acho que ainda vamos ouvir falar muito mais dele :)

andré garcia said...

superb gig! i agree with your review, he's talented beyond reason...i think he too is underrated, like all pop artists, one tend to think they make simple music, when that's not true, the simple things are the hardest, its a superb album, although i slightly prefer WIND IN THE WIRES. But its a bold record, i give you that. I'm a huge fan...i was there at the front row, right in the middle, the guy with the cap.
Stay cool.