Sunday, April 22, 2007

Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After

Thanks to people like Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas or Todd Terje and a few compilations, there's no way to deny that italo-disco is back as a source of inspiration to many great musicians of today. So there's no better time to enjoy this record than now. But where does "28 After" actually come from? The mistery reads like this: Black Devil, a french duo consisting of Bernard Fevre and Jackie Giordano, made a rare and seminal electro-disco EP back in 1978 called "Disco Club" and then went back to obscurity. 28 years later (hence the title), this new record appears, credited only to Bernard Fevre and with no additional information. So, was this produced in 1978? 2006? Who's Bernard Fevre anyway and where has he been all these years? The fact that listenning to "28 After" gives no answers, is the most evident proof of its timeless appeal. So in the end, there's no other choice than to just sit back (or stand up to dance, as you prefer) and enjoy the material coming from this delicious mistery. Cosmic digressions, analog synthesizers, vintage keyboards, Moroder-like basslines, funky handclaps and heavily-processed vocals make an album of six infectious, dense, twisted and irresistible disco-groove anthems. A travel too precious to miss. (8/10)

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