Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tussle - Telescope Mind

The early 1980's, again. Until further investigation, this is probably one of the most creative times in moden music history, at least in my personal opinion, as shown in seminal masterpiece works by bands and musicians like This Heat, Liquid Liquid, Glenn Branca, Arthur Russell, Material, Was (Not Was), A Certain Ratio...well, you get the idea, the list is endless. Coming out of the punk obituary, and promiscuosly blending with other art forms, there was a limitless approach to experimentation, mixing genres in a way that, still today, sounds radical and unique. Just ask nowaday's people like LCD Soundystem, The Rapture, Black Dice or !!! where would they be without those adventurous years, and their answer will be the same: nowhere. With "Telescope Mind", Tussle revive that era in such a perfect way that it seems almost absurd. The ingredients for this infectious dance-punk-funk cauldron are minimal: percussion, bass and a few electronic appointments. But add to that a strong dose of rhytmic poetry and an adventurous sense of space and time and you get the main factor that takes this apart from the usual copy/paste pastiche. The last song, "Pow!", with special guest-appearences by Sal Principato and Dennis Young (former members of Liquid Liquid) is just a small reminder that respecting your source of inspiration can do no harm when you use it to reinvent yourself. A lesson for many to learn. (7,5/10)

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