Thursday, April 26, 2007

Music Videos # 42

Björk - Earth Intruders

Here's Björk's brand new video for "Earth Intruders", boys and girls! I don't know how she really does it, but why is it that she never seizes to surprise/impress/amaze/conquer me in every single thing she does? The song, first one taken from the upcoming "Volta" album, has been on constant repeat in my ears for the last two weeks, with its insane rhythms, powerful hooks and addictive lines and now the video has blown me away with its wild creativity. And it also totally suits the feeling of the song, it really feels like Iceland meets Africa, doesn't it?

(...and regarding "Volta", after listenning to it three times, I'll just say for now that it feels too good to be true. Yeah, to hell with the objective point of view :) More about it soon!)

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