Thursday, April 26, 2007

Daft Punk's Electroma

Thinking of Daft Punk as musicians that make electro-house party anthems? "Electroma" will defraud your expectations then. This is the experimental movie that Daft Punk made in 2006 and is more of a visual-installment that doesn't even have any songs from them, instead featuring music by Brian Eno, Curtis Mayfield, Sebastien Tellier, Todd Rundgren, Chopin or Haydn. The plot is minimal to the point of almost non-existence: two robots in their quest to be human, their failure and one last walk through the desert. But this is just an excuse for making something close to surreal, creating poetic ambiences while playing with geometrical forms and beautiful shots, all with a very subliminal sense of humor. Two movies come to mind in the end: "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick with its 1960's sci-fi imaginary; and "Gerry" by Gus Van Sant with its minimal approach to the act of walking through a vast desert. And I was reminded that I really like Daft Punk.


Frioleiras said...

My Dear,
How are you ?
I think allways about you..
Next month shall we have dinner together ?
(sorry... I 'll "rob" one of your suggestions... sorry , my dear...

Random types said...

ola! as sugestões são mesmo para serem usadas e divulgadas :)
PS: jantar parece boa ideia!

tgv said...

Foi bom, mas o objectivo era mesmo, pelo que me pareceu, a imagem, as formas, esquecendo quase por completo o conteúdo. Resultou simples, mas resultou. Também me fez lembrar o 2001 Odisseia no Espaço.

Vim aqui parar e tive de deixar um comentário


Random types said...

Bem vindo/a tgv!