Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Field - Sound Of Light EP

With more than 60 minutes, this EP (commissioned by Stockholm's Nordic Light Hotel) could hardly be considered less than a full-length album. But 4 songs, 15 minutes each, seems like a challenging concept for anyone, even when you're famous for streching and looping isolated sounds to their limits, until they become an act of escapism, like Axel Willner does. It turns out that Sounds Of Light brings to the front both the best and the not-so-good of The Field's vision. With so much time for each song, it really is a breathtaking experience to hear how each sound evolves, drawing circular lines that extend our pleasure. The only complaint is that, contrary to From Here We Go Sublime (an album with ten shorter songs and thus a wider palette of sounds, atmospheres and experiments) this new work runs the risk of becoming too self-absorbed and closed in its own world. But the fact that it still feels incredibly rewarding to be involved by it, is a proof that the formula isn't quite death yet. (7,5/10)

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