Monday, February 18, 2008

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?

What really strikes me in "Do You Like Rock Music?", the third album by this Brighton band, is the way it manages to stay on the brink of very bad things without ever losing it. Inserting every known and widely-tested ingredients normally used when you want to easily build epic anthems and grandiose atmospheres, there are angelic choirs, dramatic violins, church organs, lots of echoes and reverb, sirens, football chants, powerful riffs and even FM melodies not unlike Coldplay (ok, in a good day and with much less ballads). Does it sound too calculated? Are they using too much calories in their songs? Honestly, I'll never quite understand. The fact that all this actually works really well is rather uncomforting but, hell, it does. So say hello to another rock album that is also a very strong cathartic experience, full of hypnotic music, larger-than-life songs and solemn moments. And expect to see them in the nearest stadium, somewhere in the not-so-far future. (7,5/10)

British Sea Power - Waving Flags (video)

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