Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It movie

The documentary on the preparations for the Michael Jackon's This It It tour has just premiered this week. I got to see it last Saturday and I must say the film is a pleasant surprise. Like almost anyone else, I was expecting to see a sharp edited documentary with MJ going through the motions, tired and frail. These are, after all, the weeks prior to his death, a period of time where he was said to be abusing on medication. But, surprisingly enough, not only the documentary is really low-key in the way it is constructed, but Michael was not in any way diminished in his talents and professionalism.
This is the document you need to see if you want to have the real perception of the talent of this man. What surprised me the most was to be able to see that he was not just an excellent singer and incredible dancer. He was also a musician, and a very rigorous one, very demanding with his band to the point of stopping rehearsals just because the bass line is not good enough (and he promptly beat-boxes with his voice to show the musician how it should sound). He was VERY hands on and it really shows in this film. Very strict yet humble and willing to teach everyone around him his art. Yes, he looked frail, thin. But his voice and dance steps were still dazzling and you wouldn't suspect what was about to unfold. The high moment for me was his rehearsal of Human Nature (a ballad from the Thriller album) where you can see clearly that he is feeling every line of that song and giving all his emotion to every word. I was moved by that, that's raw talent right there if front of you. And it really is such a shame that we lost that. Go see this film if you want to testify it one last time.

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