Monday, November 02, 2009

Girls - Album

One of the latest blogosphere indie obsessions, this San Francisco duo of actually-not-girls Christopher Owens and Chet White stands in a place of their own. Joyous and sunny melodies on first listen, written under the influence of many pills, hide a sad and nostalgic feeling underneath, a feeling that is better understood when you know about Owens disturbing life story. And with not much else than a charming honesty and a refreshing balance between catchy pop hooks and subtle experimentalism, we end up with 12 low-key songs that have everything to become life-changing anthems. This if you consider that a change doesn't always have to operate on big and radical scales, as sometimes the most important ones can happen on a hardly-noticing more personal level. You may call this little power as heartbreaking candidness. (8/10)

Girls - Lust For Life (video)

(for the alternate and very-NSFW edit of this video, head over MBV music)


Anonymous said...

the candidness and 90's-echoing sound (traits that i generally like in an album) seem not appealing enough for me this time to like the whole Girls album.
yet i cannot get enough of "hellhole ratrace" song and video. it's so much feeling and pure joy and melancholy there. and beautiful colours and beautiful girls and boys. and they are not teenagers (if they were, it would all become a cliche), which i think intensifies that "one last surrender to careless partying and friendly love" feel or what was years ago or what could have been. and that slow motion that seems to never end, because the track is perhaps a bit too long, but never boring if wathcing the video.
i could go on like this because i really love it and for the time being, Girls means "hellhole ratrace" for me.


PR said...

hi stefan,
whoaa, i hadn't seen the "hellhole ratrace" video before, and it really is so good.
always a pleasure reading your comments!

Anonymous said...

glad :)