Friday, November 06, 2009

Róisín Murphy does a good oral job

Here it is, the brand new single from Róisín Murphy! My first impression? It's very good! Don't be fooled by the old Hollywood style of the artwork, this not a lush ballad or jazzy affair. It's a monster of a dance song and it's here to blow your brains out. It's far different from anything on her last record, a lot less electro and much more into late 80's house style (it kinda sounds like some of those vintage house remixes that would turn your favorite radio hit into an extended dance journey, full of dry beats and tape skips). Mad rhythms are going on all over the place but the melody of the chorus brings it all together. It could be messy but it isn't, it works really well. Bravo! Hey, there's even a guitar solo in the middle that could have been lifted out of a Prince record (good on my book). Jump to Róisín's MySpace page to stream it.

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