Monday, September 21, 2009

frYars - Dark Young Hearts

This was something I had been anxiously waiting for at least 2 years and, boy, now that it's here, I can truly say that it has filled all my expectations and then some. First things first, Ben Garret seems to have turned himself intro a true artist: instead of signing with a major label, he has followed the most difficult path and is releasing his debut album all by himself (well, with a little help from Bandstocks, but still...). This has allowed him to take full control of his output, something which is felt all over Dark Young Hearts, and thank God it is like that: everything in here seems too personal and unique to be ruined by external hands, translating in a perfect way how fascinating the private world of frYars is. I've already written about it more than a few times (here, here, here, here and here), so all I can say is that this album seems like a sublimation of what we already knew: Ben has an unique way of presenting his dark and twisted world in the most pleasant way, mixing it with the catchiest electro-pop hooks and melodies. His special voice, a never-ending talent in song-writing and an amazing ear for inserting the most unexpected details in the most unexpected places, all these things do the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, we're in presence of a complete pop monument: strange, intense, slightly obsessed with the macabre, but also fun and touching. And on a side note, if you're not moved by a song like the final track Morning, then you don't have a heart. Fact. (9/10)

frYars - Happy (mp3 via Stereogum)


Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes! i love the album too. i can't remember if i discovered the artist through your blog, it's quite possible, but i've been listening and following the singles and construction of this album for a year or so. a title like "novelist's wife" by a 19 year old musician appealed to me from the first moment.

also i'm wondering if you listened to The Temper Trap album. i'm curious what you think of it. it was love at first listening for me.

always a pleasure visiting you

PR said...

Hi, it's always a pleasure reading comments like that, thanks!

I still haven't heard the Temper Trap album, but i did like "Sweet Disposition" a year ago, so I'm quite curious to see what they did.


Anonymous said...

one of the very few frYars reviews I could find, and what a good one that is. good to know there are people that love him somewhere out there. regards,

PR said...

Thank you!