Monday, March 10, 2008

frYars - The Perfidy EP

It's incredible how this guy is showing so much versatility and evolution, while still maintaining his own unique style, and all this with only two self-released EP's, seven songs and one remix. A few months after the still-incredible debut The Ides EP, his second effort actually shows an even higher level of maturity, proving that right now he's in a place of its own. "Olive Eyes", the first song, is a natural evolution from what was included in "The Ides EP", a personal take into 1980's electro-pop with catchy details and an infectious melody. But on the rest of this release, frYars looks for a much more ethereal and delicate atmosphere, with two touching and amazingly written songs that show what a great composer he's turning out to be, while his trademark vocal inflections sound even more meaningful than ever. He's still not afraid to include many sonic elements that are here to exponentiate our reactions, but this time, his aim is less physical and more to reach our usually less visible instincts. Many shivers and goosebumps guaranteed, brilliant lyrics ("Now you can see there's a mess your in, no problem's solved without ketamine and its probably best that you stay in your hole, for i'd rather stick to my ethanol.") and a song ("Benedict Arnold" - both original and remixed versions) that is his best yet. In his case, that's really saying a lot. (9/10)

frYars - Olive Eyes (video)

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