Saturday, January 17, 2009

frYars (feat. Dave Gahan) - Visitors (video)

"For the price of a human heart it's really not that bad"

Our London boy Ben Garrett (a.k.a. frYars) is never able to disappoint us, and his latest track comes to once again prove this theory right. "Visitors" is a an electro delight with some irresistible dark twisted vibes and featuring the voice of Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode (apparently he was in a nearby studio when the song was being remastered, liked it a lot and insisted on participating). I've been following Ben's work since his second demo "The Ides" of late 2007 and nothing convinces me that this guy is not blessed with a special talent and an unique voice to match. Thankfully, things are really happenning for him now: his first album "Dark Young Hearts" is finally scheduled to go out in March this year and it will be one of the the first releases published through the revolutionary Bandstocks model, where you can basically own part of the records you like, investing as little as 10 pounds in it, which will get you a share of its revenues among other exclusive stuff. Not bad, huh? And judging from his work so far: Can't. Fucking. Wait. to get my hands on it.

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