Monday, January 19, 2009

Zomby - Where Were U in '92?

Ten years emulating the eighties and the consequence could only be one: history following its natural course and the first signs of a nineties revival starting to show up. Zomby is a London producer usually associated with the dubstep movement, but with "Where Were U In '92?", he shifts his attention into actually answering that question in the title. So what happened in 1992? Acid and rave cultures were at its high and very close to eat itself into decline, while jungle was just around the corner to be the next big thing. And 15 years later, here's the natural follow-up to those exciting times, full of harcore breakbeats, pitched pianos and female vocals, dense jungle rhythms, sirens and rave riffs, making up an explosive cocktail that doesn't limit itself to be a piece of nostalgia. For every element that takes us back in time in this album, there's always a new perspective to support it, complete with an absurd amount of fresh energy that only wants to live the present at its fullest. (9/10)

Zomby - Fuck Mixing, Let's Dance (mp3 via Neonized)

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