Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chromatics - Night Drive

This summer, the compilation "After Dark" (by label Italians Do It Better) showed us an incredible number of new projects taking the italo-disco revival to a whole new level, where minimalism was also used to create haunting soundscapes. One of these projects was Chromatics and with their first full-length album, "Night Drive", they fulfil every expectation we had about them and then some. Once again, italo-disco and Moroder are taken as a source of inspiration, but the final result could very well be classified as gothic-disco. We have terrifying keyboards and synths that give new stranger meanings to the word "beautiful", melancholic and distant melodies and also involving guitar arpeggios, creating a cold atmosphere that, at the same time, is somewhat conforting and, most of all, extremely seductive. Vocalist Ruth Radalet seems like an ice diva, untouchable but still giving, while the instrumentation around her is so sparse that it feels like a skeleton waiting to be filled. A collection of narcotic and dark euro-disco songs coming from a distant and unknown place, somehow this music still sounds wonderfully intimate. (9/10)

In the meantime, Chromatics have already released a video for a song not included in "Night Drive", so here it is:

Chromatics - In The City (video)

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