Sunday, December 02, 2007

Paranoid Park

The main story of Paranoid Park script is easy to describe: a teenage boy may have accidentally caused the death of someone and now has to deal with his conscience. Now forget this description, because what makes this movie so special is really something else. Firstly, with just a few sparse dialogues, it's incredible how much is said with so little. More than words, this movie uses acts, thoughts and, most of all, expressions, to create one of the most powerful and complete looks into adolescence in recent times, a look that goes much further than the usual apathy cliché. Secondly, Gus Van Sant is refining to the point of near perfection his non-conventional methods of sound, image and time treatment, creating a collection of beautiful fragments that enlace themselves to build something which, ultimately, is not far from an ethereal art instalment.


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