Friday, August 17, 2007

V/A - After Dark

With so many great releases from projects like Lindstrøm, Sally Shapiro or Black Devil Disco Club, italo-disco is definitely back after 20 years buried and hidden deep inside music history ark, and nothing like an enigmatic collection from brand-new label "Italians Do It Better" to keep it alive. As the title "After Dark" says, this time there's not much sunshine around, keeping a cold, distant, melancholic and slightly creepy atmosphere that ends up being totally addictive. Presenting a bunch of new projects (it's worth mentioning and memorizing all of them: Glass Candy, Chromatics, Indeep, Mirage, Professor Genius and Farah) and showcasing their take into italo-disco's vintage electro sounds, analog synths and metronomic beats, there's also a minimal approach that carefully takes this very-cohesive collection into a whole new place of its own. And quite a wonderful place that is. (8,5/10)

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