Monday, July 16, 2007

Thomas Fehlmann - Honigpumpe

Swiss-german producer Thomas Fehlmann, now residing in Berlin, has an enviable curriculum. Making music for more than 20 years, he's left his fingerprints in important electronic projects like The Orb, as well as releasing material by himself, usually more connected to the minimal techno universe. And that accumulated experience is completely palpable in "Honigpumpe", a record that could only come from someone with full-certainties and a savoir-faire earned after years of different experiments. So here we have 12 tracks that sound so diverse, with an immense palette of distinct atmospheres and colours, and yet an album that is so solid and unified. We have shoegazing sounds and drones, involving elements and a sober and contemplating atmosphere, but we also get more physical experiences, hypnotic beats, dub elements and other external influences, making this a perfect soundtrack for imaginary non-monotonous travels. But what really takes "Honigpumpe" apart is the extreme warmth that is emanated from start to end, full of luscious sounds, nostalgic echoes, evocative landscapes and a cristal-clear production, making this one of the most conforting records of recent months. And with that, here's a logic companion to the perfect landmark that is this year's "From Here We Go Sublime" by The Field. Great stuff. (8/10)

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