Friday, July 20, 2007

Interpol - Our Love To Admire

Ah Interpol, as you're finding out now, it's not easy to please everybody, especially when you're releasing your third record after two previously idolated cult albums and a lot of hype in the middle. Keep your trademark sound intact and you'll be accused of being monotonous and a one-trick-poney (check). Try to change and evolve, and critics will say that you're getting too pretentious or hiding your lack of inspiration (check). But wait a minute, isn't it ironic that you're being accused of two very anthagonic things, at the same time? Life is unfair, isn't it? But in the end, I bet you'll have the last laugh. In the meantime, here's your "difficult" third album... Yes, you've kept your style, but is it a bad thing when you've already defined the whole post-punk scene for this decade? And yes, there are some subtle changes, the sound is more polished and grandiose, there are new instruments, sometimes there's an upbeat and lighter feeling that is new to you, everything is more epic... and for sure that ain't a bad thing either. Of course it helps that some songs in here are among the best you've ever done ("Pionneer To The Falls", "The Heinrich Maneuver", "Mammoth", "Who Do You Think", "The Lighthouse"...), so don't listen to the cynics and just enjoy your new sales-success. It definitely is well-deserved. (7/10)

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