Friday, April 06, 2007

Radicalfashion - Odori

And now for some completely different and almost (but not totally) classical sounds... Radicalfashion is the unfortunate name of an otherwise excellent project by japanese composer Hirohito Ihara. Consisting mostly of minimal ambient music, the sounds heard in "Odori" manage to explore a multitude of raw textures, melodies, ideas and atmospheres with minimum resources. So how can "Odori" be described? In a very simplified way, like this: ten short piano compositions with a few sparse electronic appointments and some rare manipulated vocal samples. With that in mind, the final result is actually much more complex. Why? Because there are two sides from which we can perceive "Odori" that actually complement themselves: this is formal music, presenting itself as a beautiful solemn ritual; but it's also adventurous as few other projects in modern music, in the way that explores new connections between just a handful of elements, not afraid to include apparent imperfections to enhance its (and our) experiences. And with that, we end up having something that actually pushes music boundaries. And our perceptions too. (7/10)

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