Monday, April 09, 2007

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

I have to confess that for some time i developed some sort of resistance towards Patrick Wolf, something that, for a while, stopped me from fully enjoying this record. I suppose this was due to an excessive and slightly camp imaginary lately used by him (even seen, for example, in this album cover). But then I got reminded that this excess is not any different from what David Bowie did during his Ziggy Stardust days, more than 30 years ago. So it's all part of an artistic persona, right? Well, and with my mind now opened, I was finally able to enjoy "The Magic Position" in all its full glory. And how glorious can music be? After two introspective albums, it seems as if this is finally his big affair. Incorporating more electronic textures than ever and with tunes mainly written in major key, we have pop music that is not afraid to be Pop (like that, with capital letter): excessive, catchy, risky, grandiose, experimental, contagious. We have fireworks, violins, trumpets, dramatic scenes, joyful tunes. We're invited to make a wild ride to his colorful world, a world full of rollercoasters, trees and bees, blue skies, lovers and parties, drama and happiness. A complete and thrilling life is put in front of us, to our never-ending pleasure. And we also have Songs (like that, with capital letter), proof of his amazing writing-skills and the final touch that takes "The Magic Position" to a higher and unique place. In the end, I do surrender myself...this guy has too much talent to waste. (8,5/10)

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