Friday, April 06, 2007

Dälek - Abandoned Language

With most people proclaiming that "Hip-hop Is Dead" or, at least, extremely ill, it's nice and curious to be blown away by another hip-hop release, not long after the latest and excellent Clipse album. Ok, "Abandoned Language" may have been released on Ipecac (Mike Patton's label) and lauded mostly by the metal and noise community, but that doesn't change the fact that it's an hip-hop record...and what a record it is. More than its beats and rhymes (pretty common and regular, to be honest), Dälek's main qualities come from the arrangements that are heard over its main foundations. Wicked synthesizers and distorted sounds and noises, inserted in multiple layers, serve to build an industrial and paranoid atmosphere, making "Abandoned Language"'s universe not far from David Lynch's most strangest and challenging moments. Eleven dense anthems in one of the most claustrophobic and hypnotic records we'll ever hear this year. As someone has put it, "an overwhelming air of avant-garde menace" (8/10)

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