Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Yes Giantess - Siren

Released a few months ago, the debut album from Boston natives Yes Giantess went by largely unnoticed, which is a shame, considering the amount of shining anthems it includes. The reasons for this happening kinda miss me out, but the truth is that these four guys have a real love for all things from the 80's, which in here sounds a bit like an anachronism, considering that the irony usually associated with that decade's revivalism (see: the last 10 years in music) is largely absent in Siren.
Sincerity is indeed the best form of flattery, and Yes Giantess take this old-saying by their hearts. From vintage synths to fuzzy beats, there's a lot of 80's nostalgia to be heard on these 10 tracks. But they aren't happy just to copy a whole decade into their sound: this sincerity actually allows them to be more than just a pastiche homage, and the fact that Siren seems so genuine - and almost heart-breaking - is more than just a coincidence. It was actually this same genuinity and irony-free attitude that turned their remix of Miley's Party In The USA into such a brilliant moment, and it does wonders again in here.
The rest is pure pop-gold: hyper-catchy melodies, glossy call-for-love shouts and blasting hands-in-the-air numbers, in one of the best 80's albums that the 80's has missed to see... with the aforementioned sincerity actually taking it to a more timeless spot.
In the end, with all those larger-than-life love-declarations heard throughout, one last question arrives: are Yes Giantess the most romantic guys out there? Or are they actually just trying to seduce us? We'll never know, but the spell actually works too damm well. (8,5/10)

Yes Giantess - Up And Down (mp3)

Yes Giantess - Demons (mp3)

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