Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Yeah! It’s a party in the USA!"

"Movin’ my hips like 'Yeah!'"

Always ones not to give a damm about conventional rules like commonly accepted good taste, there's only one thing that Yes Giantess seem to search for, which is to have fun and play with pop music boundaries, from its very own inside and with no limits whatsoever. And that is precisely what they have just done in here, crossing the line and making a "very unofficial remix" of Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA just because, in their own wise words, "it is the most important song ever written". They describe their approach as "euro-clubbing on Saturn" and, hearing what they've done - those epic hands-in-the-air synths! those larger-than-life beats! -, I couldn't agree more.

Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA (Yes Giantess Remix) (mp3 via

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