Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rihanna - Loud

(or: a love letter to Rihanna)

Dear RiRi,

It's not only that you're so damm pretty. And I do forgive the fact that a couple of tracks in your new album sound a bit like average fillers. Because that is clearly compensated by a lot of other songs which, basically, are the best you've ever done.
You always seem so intelligent and down-to-earth that is really easy to identify with what you do, say, think and sing. And I will always love the way you're not afraid to take risks and make questionable choices just for the fun of it - guitar solos, yay!
Loud clearly sounds like a record where you just want to have fun again, following the dark tones of your previous Rated R, in which you obviously wanted to get something out of your system - and we all know what that something was and stand behind you for that.
Now it's back to business-as-usual and that is really great news, as in your hands, pop music is always destined to become solid gold. You know why? Because you have something indefinable and not common which can be summed up in a word: charisma. Or, using you're own - and already immortal - words: you're "such a fucking lady".


PS: love that red-colored hair!

Rihanna feat. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie - Part II (mp3 via Music-mashs)

Rihanna feat. Drake - What's My Name? (video)

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