Monday, November 29, 2010

Darkstar - North

Darkstar may be signed to Hyperdub, one of the most relevant dubstep labels out there, but their sound is pretty distinct and actually bears almost no resemblance to dubstep itself. That is, unless that genre had suddenly slowed down, turned off its paranoid basslines and gone mad for the abstract experimentalism of indie-acts like Radiohead or Portishead.
Full of digital glitch details and dreamy synth lines that support down tempo pop melodies sang with distorted vocals, North is actually one of those records that seems made specifically for those long nights of cold weather. And so the name is to be taken seriously: these are indeed ten extremely intimate songs that beg to be listened to in the dark. Or, in other words, subtle intensity for solitary souls. (7,5/10)

Darkstar - North (mp3)


Anonymous said...

Então e a Rihanna??????????????????


PR said...

coming soon... :p