Monday, October 18, 2010

Robyn - Body Talk, Pt. 2

The Body Talk operation may still haven't reached its end, with the 3rd and final part scheduled to come out in a few weeks, but I guess we can all agree on something already: risky as it may have been, the decision to launch three different mini-albums in the space of just a few months is already a full-bloom success. With it, Robyn has managed to stay on the radar for most of the year, each release analysed through many different angles, while keeping everyone waiting with anticipation for the next one.
Of course none of this would be possible if the music didn't live up to the expectations, but so far so good. After Part 1 marked her return into the pop world, experimenting with different styles, Part 2 is now a more relaxed and loose affair, turning its full attention into the dancefloor, with an updated take of electro-house, all upbeat and fierce - save one last acoustic number. Being Robyn one of the most idiosyncratic pop stars out there, you know the rest: it's always a pleasure to take part of an overwhelming journey into her very-own world. (8/10)

Robyn - Hang With Me (video)

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