Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hurts - Happiness

One cannot accuse Hurts of being impatient or wanting to rush things up. After all, it took more than one year between the hype began and their debut album's launch. But the least that can be said now is that the wait was more than worth it.
During this year, Hurts have managed to slowly create an impossibly elegant universe around them, full of eighties references, germanic influences and impeccable haircuts and suits. That universe now goes full-bloom in Happiness, a collection of 11 songs with faultless melodies, overtly-melodramatic atmospheres and enigmatic stories. United by an intelligent concept of operatic and artificial drama, together with a larger-than-life approach towards the many sentiments that pop music can achieve in one single song, this is a sure indicator that the future bolds really well for this unique and ambitious duo. (8/10)

Hurts - Stay (video)

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