Monday, May 03, 2010

Delorean - Subiza

"Get up/ Get up/ Get up"

Last year, with the Ayrton Senna EP, Delorean were put inside the chillwave bag, while being considered as the sunnier side of that movement's trademark sound. But now, with this striking just-released full-length, they transcend that movement with a whole lot of class. Subiza is an instant synth-pop classic infused in nineties-house elements, feeling like a trend-setter for a whole new genre.
Transcendence is actually the word du jour in here. From the first minute, each sound is put together to make us reach for the stars, with major-key melodies being carried away by an avalanche of synths and sounds that take the concept of luminous into a whole new level. If you actually start feeling dizzy, don't worry, that's a good thing and you're not alone.
Delorean may come from Barcelona and it could be easy to display this fact as part of the reason why Subiza feels so summery. But actually, they have more in common with the spirit of Scandinavian label Sincerely Yours than anything else. Like Swedish heroes The Tough Alliance, Air France or jj, this four-piece project plays with the art of escapism in a genuine way that seems almost innocent. And ultimately, it's that innocence that puts this dance-pop record on its unique place: yes, this is electronic music built on sequencers and drum machines while verging on ecstatic moods. But it also feels extremely personal.
Remember the smiley symbol of the nineties rave culture? So it seems he's still alive and relevant again. But this time he's actually more comfortable when doing his thing - smiling - just for you. (8/10)

Delorean - Stay Close (video)

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