Thursday, December 03, 2009

Video: Gaga

And now for that other girl, what's her name? Gaga, that's it (What kind of a name is Lady Gaga? It sounds like baby food - Madonna in SNL). She released her much anticipated new video for Bad Romance and it's mind boggling to say the least. In a good way I guess. Let's face it: she's the hottest star right now, she has the industry at her feet (producers, dj's, designers, directors, you name it) and she means business. I still think she tries way too hard to be controversial and lacks sophistication, but it's still interesting. Way too much stuff happening in this video. From the first viewing I caught the subject of sex trafficking, baptisms, coffins, human combustion, skeletons, exploding boobs... God I'm exhausted just from writing this...


Anonymous said...

plus 2841 outfits and accessories (amazing mcqueen shoes!). i don't know what's with this song+video because it has some effect on everyone. i don't like the song, but the first thing i was humming this morning when i woke up was that interjection part (with ranana-gaga-oohlala), which is digustingly attractive. and watching a live performance of the song yesterday, i was amazed that she sings quite well.
anyway i still see gaga as a plastic dummy on which a rich and extravagant lady (not gaga) throws her clothes and accessories when she undresses day after day.

in an hour i'll get ready for the jay jay johanson concert. tonight in bucharest. i don't know what to expect, i tried but never really liked his last album, but i think his music might sound very well live. we'll see.


PR said...

haha, i couldn't have said it better, that "ranana-gaga-oohlala" part is indeed digustingly attractive :)

how was jay jay johanson? for me he has made a perfect song about 10 years ago ("i'm older now") and never again did something that reached those heights, so i kind of stopped following his work a long time ago.

today i'm going to see beach house and little joy :)


JP said...

And I am going with him. :)

PR said...

yes you did *

Anonymous said...

jay-jay... he is nice, he is modest, he is honest, he has a perfect, warm voice. but somehow this wasn't enough for me. i wish i saw a band on the stage (not just a man with an electronic piano) which would have completed the atmosphere and the music. i did't like to hear drums and especially violins played by a computer and to see the artist scrolling and clicking enter on a laptop in between songs. for some (most of the audience actually) this meant intimacy, sincerity, basics, lack of sophistication, but for me it was like i had access to a rehearsal, this stole some of the feeling. he should have borrow amina from sigur ros and could have been perfect. :)
plus standing up for more than 2 hours (after we had waited for another 2) was a bit tiring. i wish i could sit to listen to this kind of music.

what about your concert, PR+JP? i just checked beach house and little joy to hear what they sound like.

is JP PR's alter ego? the more poppish one? more random than random types ?
nice to meet you, JP.
nice to hear from you, PR.


PR said...

we just saw a couple of songs from beach house from the back of the room but they seemed quite good tho. little joy i don't like that much (does it make sense to say that it has too much apparent "joy" in it without me really feeling it?) - but JP did, so i guess that shows we're not exactly the same person, hehe

PR is the owner/editor of randomtypes, so to speak, but sometimes I ask JP to put some of his posts in here when they are about something we both did and/or liked, to enrich it :)