Monday, December 28, 2009

The Legends - Over And Over

Another overlooked album of 2009, this one coming from Johan Angergård, an unique musician that seems to use each record he releases to show a different side of his many attributes. Truth is, the only element that has been a consistency in his work is actually his unique voice, a perfect blend of flawless / scientific singing (in a way, almost inhuman) with highly emotive tones. As for the rest, if, for example, in previous record Facts And Figures the focus was on eighties synth-pop, now Over and Over is a totally different beast: immersed in extreme feedback and distortion, these 12 songs seem like experiments in fusing gentle pop melodies with abrasive sounds, always supported by top-quality songcraft. So gone are the many electro-disco-synths previously used, which have now been replaced by a live-band feel. With that comes a more urgent sound, drawing influences from eighties noise pop, indie and even krautrock, and using the right amount of intense riffs to create an extremely poetic and nocturnal atmosphere. (7,5/10)

The Legends - Always The Same (video)

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