Sunday, December 27, 2009

The-Dream - Love vs. Money

For one reason or another, there were some records which I didn't write about during 2009, even though they would definitely deserve some mention... and one of them is surely this Love vs. Money. Contrary to other super producers (hello Timbaland), The-Dream (a.k.a. Terius Youngdell Nash) didn't leave his best beats to other artists only, saving also some for his own personal use. And if you consider that, among other hits, he's half-responsible for Rihanna's Umbrella, you'll see how much this means. His second album is the best proof of an amazing ability to produce hook after hook of futuristic synth-driven sounds and writing infectious tunes, hitting all the right pleasure centres with a synthetic r&b of opulent and polished production. It may not bring any new particularly new element to the arena, but then again, it manages to gather pretty much every trick and sound that is hot nowadays, blending it together so well that the final result is nothing short of pure ecstatic r&b bliss. (9/10)

The-Dream - Rockin' That Thang (video)

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