Monday, October 05, 2009

Silkie - City Limits Volume 1

Maybe not the instant classic that some were expecting, but City Limits Volume 1, while being a good indicator of the current state of impasse that dubstep is living, still does that in the best way possible, and on its way it almost takes things one step forward. So this means that we have here the more abstract and liquid sounds that are starting to define this genre as of lately, a bit like what happened to jungle when it mutated into drum'n'bass back in the nineties - when eventually everyone started going too far into the softer side of things, killing the whole fun in the process. But, on the other hand, the beats are as fierce and powerful as ever, while the juxtaposition of different layers and the scientific attention put into every single last detail has reached an hallucinating degree of mind-travel-inducing sounds. (7,5/10)

Silkie - Purple Love (mp3 via Passion of the Weiss)


Anonymous said...

hi! you are amazing. i mean i discovered The Honeydrips a few weeks ago and it's already become a new favourite of mine and now i see that you wrote about them almost 2 years ago. and again i like what i read. so i should pay even more attention to your blog :) but probably i wasn's reading it back then. my loss...

what's more to say ? maybe that the album also fits autumn sunny days. and even cloudy days like today, without love because (i liked that)

sorry my comment is not about this post. but i'm following you.


tolilo said...

you are amazing, indeed!

(and whenever i can i'm following you too.................)

PR said...

Stefan: thank you very much again for your nice comments! it's really good to know that something i do just for fun (writing about music), is having a good effect :)
If you like the Honeydrips, maybe you will like to explore the catalogue of their label: a lot of swedish treats in it!

tolilo: aww, thanks ;)