Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Before you read any further, you should probably know that I'm a big fan of this man. Even if his output since the nineties has been a bit irregular (which I'd say is inevitable when you have recorded more than 30 albums in your career), I don't really think that he is capable of making a bad record. And then, he's also responsible for what is, in most days, my current favourite album of all time, (1984's Purple Rain), along with a few more genius moments that sit very closely to it, like Sign o' The Times, Parade, 1999 or Dirty Mind. Actually, he has more than earned the privilege to be eternally adored, right? Right. (And only if someone could do something about those hideous artwork concepts, the world would be an even better place...).
So maybe he hasn't produced any groundbreaking record as of lately, although 3121, from 3 years ago, and particularly its ridiculously good song "Black Sweat", prove this theory wrong... But, even if this claim was true, who cares? His output from the last years has been consistent enough to not bleach his reputation, which in his case, is more than enough. And that is exactly what happens with this double release.
LOtUSFLOW3R is pure guitar-hero Prince, the same one that has given us what is arguably one of his best records from the nineties - the riff-loaded The Gold Experience. This time he got more elegant and polite but, on the other hand, the urgency, excitement and sense of catharsis that abounded on that record is now more reserved. Full of sophisticated midtempo songs that show his more "virtuoso" side, think of it as a decent new-age wallpaper. (7/10)
Now if you want some vintage Prince, then your best choice is, for sure, MPLSoUND. No one can funk like he does, and that's exactly what happens in here, with the extra bonus that the word "dirty" is also added to the equation. Full of mouth-watering details that give more than a few nods to his most-famous classics (that beat! those synths!), these 9 songs are still very much in touch with the present (is that auto-tune I hear somewhere?), but a present seen through his own wise and experienced eyes. With an unique balance between experimental, catchy and infectious doses, these are jams just perfect to celebrate how great this man is. (8/10)

Prince ft. Q-Tip - Chocolate Box (video)


P.S.: Still about the whole amazingness of the Purple Rain album, Cokemachineglow has written a very good piece about it, which you can find here.

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