Sunday, March 29, 2009

Faunts - Feel. Love. Thinking. Of.

Coming from Alberta in Canada, this 5-piece band may not invent the wheel or anything remotely close, but I can never get enough of hearing these sort of sounds. "Feel. Love. Thinking. Of." is a collection of disarming and affecting songs that take half of their inspiration following shoegaze rulebook, then adding some nice electronic touches on top. But the intricate production is just part of the equation, supporting something ultimately much simpler: that beautiful melancholy usually coming from something which is already gone but still gives fuzzy warm memories. The conforting voices and melodies do the rest. And just as if following a painful break-up, the question arises right from the beginning: it's good be back home, no? (7/10)

Faunts - Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. (mp3):

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