Sunday, March 29, 2009

CFCF - Panesian Nights EP

Give me an analog synthesizer, I'll give you the world. This must be what's on the mind of every electro-house act out there, but apparently there are still ways to sound fresh and vital with one of those in your hands. Enter Montreal act CFCF (aka 21-year old Mike Silver), with his old school jams, so irresistible and simple that your brain will explode. Or not. But still, it's hard not to have the most fun out of these vintage sounds and retro grooves. Interesting also that nothing in here needs to be too uptempo to achieve its goals, giving space for the wonky robotic synths to fully breath and shine. Did I mention I have a thing for robots too? (7,5/10)

CFCF - Crystal Mines (video)

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