Monday, February 02, 2009

Telepathe - Dance Mother

With so many things raising that always-dubious coolness/hipster factor (girl/girl duo, coming from Brooklyn, produced by TV On The Radio man David Sitek, etc.), there was real danger of all this actually working against Telepathe, in case their music didn't meet expectations. But one song in, and those Moroder synths and pop hooks beneath all the reverb and echoed effects that can be heard in "So Fine" leave all fears behind: this stuff has the ability to conquer even the most cynical ears. The rest of "Dance Mother" never lets the guard down, with a grandiose sound full of the most amazing details that really seem like the future, just as their MySpace page promises. So, David Sitek doing wonders once again at the production helm. But the best thing is that, for all the modern technology and computer-processed elements they use (arcade games glitches, techno/r&b beats, filtered vocals and samples, processed keyboards and treated percussive sounds) there's also a bit of an old-school rock band feeling, one not shy to use their guitars with layers of reverb, adding up tribal drums and, above all, cristalline-pop melodic vocals. Behind all the machinery, one always needs a human touch to add emotions to it, and each song in "Dance Mother" has more than enough drama to prove this theory right. (7/10)

Telepathe - So Fine (video)

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