Friday, February 06, 2009

Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Songs From The Beehive

Coming from Heidelberg in Germany, David Moufang (a.k.a. Move D) is already a veteran in electronic music, with more than 15 years of releases in inumerous projects like the ambient-jazz technologic adventures of the Conjoint collective or the hybrid fusions of Studio Pankow. Recently re-discovered by a new clubbers generation, his latest album is a collaboration with ambient techno producer Benjamin Brunn and, even if not starting new paths to electronic music, it does contain some truly addictive sounds. With only 7 tracks, most of which with more than 10 minutes long, each piece takes its time to evolve, unfolding and unravelling new dimensions with each new listen. The basis in these songs may be those profound minimal beats that seem designed for more sophisticated and underground dancefloors but what comes around them is much more than that, containing inventive and ulta-deep sounds rarely associated with techno music, a bit like melting liquid atmospheres and solid beats together to create a new geometric world that exhales an unparalleled ellegance. Subliminally, a sensual and mysterious ambience sets in and we end up being directed towards the unknown. (8/10)

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