Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna

The fourth album from this experimental New York project takes them into some new and surprising directions that have been summed up in a sentence: Gang Gang Dance have gone pop. Although not entirely wrong, this perspective only tells half of the story. For me, the best description would actually be that they have opened up their unique approach in writing songs and incorporated as many external elements as never before, some of which, yes, taken from more mainstream styles. But what's so invigorating in here is the way everything is fused together to create alienating digressions that still sound very unique, no matter if we're listenning to industrial loops, new-wave guitars, hip-hop beats, abstract electronica, african tribal drums, post-punk experimentalism or even disco pop. I don't know if this is the sound of the future as some have mentioned, for me it seems more like a soundtrack to a parallel universe. But either way, with so much happening in each song, this is always a challenge that strongly pays off. (7,5/10)

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