Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best Of 2008: Top 5 Concerts

So it's here. During the next few days, I'll be putting online my top favourite lists for 2008. Enjoy!
It's obvious that a concert list has to be very subjective and personal, among other reasons because it depends on which concerts we have actually been to. I did go to a few this year and these 5 were the ones where I had the best time...

5. Goldfrapp @ SW08 in Zambujeira do Mar (8th of August)

Where candid pristine white met sexy electro glam.

4. Vampire Weekend @ Alive!08 in Lisbon (10th of July)

Catchy summer pop in a sunny summer afternoon... couldn't get any more fun.

3. Lykke Li @ Teatro Variedades in Lisbon (4th of December)

Innocent on record, pure fire on stage. Really, this girl has so much class!

2. Björk @ SW08 in Zambujeira do Mar (7th of August)

Few people make such a perfect fusion between the avant-garde, extreme forms of art and pop to the masses. With the Volta tour, Björk managed to take this concept into new dimensions and still put thousands of people jumping ecstatically with her.

1. Madonna @ Parque da Belavista in Lisbon (14th of September)

Musically, 2008 was the year when Madonna prefered to play it safe with "Hard Candy", but when considering her Sticky & Sweet tour, things did change a bit. It may have not been such a complete and artsy show as 2006's Confessions tour, but this time there was a big advantage: even with so much happening everywhere (dancers, lights, videowalls, lasers, etc.), it was all about herself and her presence live, in a non-stop celebration of her iconic status. And we're talking about Madonna on stage...

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