Monday, November 24, 2008

Studio - Yearbook 2

I have to confess: I still can't get enough of "Yearbook 1", the first album from this Swedish project, with its groovy digressions, New-Wave anthemic melodies, arpeggio guitars and an overall Balearic feeling. "Yearbook 2", a collection of remixes this duo has made for the likes of Shout Out Louds, A Mountain Of One or (no less) Kylie Minougue, almost feels like a very good follow-up, even if it doesn't include any original material. Beyond other reasons, this happens mostly because of how strong Studio's identity is, devouring these songs from its original context and giving them new lights, with kaleidoscopic motifs that interlace and succeed one after another in cascades. And here's the secret: these are motifs that take no time to expand themselves in mental layers, with dubby echoes, glistening synthesizers and mysterious dark disco grooves that are topped by appointments of the duo's trademark guitar webs. Or, in a more poetic fashion: making music as if looking beyond the horizon while creating waves of sounds in endless languid vagues. Nevermind the concept of remixes and forget if you like the originals or not: "Yearbook 2" makes a very good point in showing how unique Studio are. (8/10)

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