Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grammatics - The Vague Archive (video)

"Ooh, Summer!"

2008 is drawing close to an end, so it's a good time to start looking at what the next year will offer us... There's of course our friend frYars, currently finishing his debut album "Dark Young Hearts"... And then there's Leeds-based indie-poppers Grammatics, who have just released the perfect song to warm up these cold winter months, in advance for their first full-length which is coming out in the beginning of 2009. Full of heart-felt lyrics and metaphors about seasons changing, the music in "The Vague Archive" kind of reflects this same spirit, with a fast-paced rhythm that slows down in the last section, just like winter melancholy sunddenly taking over. Add to this a polished production that includes frenetic cellos, horns, guitars, crashing cymbals and powerful choruses, and you end up with the perfect winter anthem. The video itself translates all these moods with impeccable taste and heart-breaking urgency, featuring people running and jumping in an open field, and slow-motion night-snow descending upon the band's faces.

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