Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grace Jones - Hurricane

Yes, finally! After 20 long years, here it is, the new record by Grace Jones. And it's so good! Not surprising as this project involves such names as Tricky, Brian Eno and Sly & Robbie. Some songs take her into an entirely new direction (Corporate Cannibal, Hurricane, Devil In My Life) and I can totally see her in the future doing a record with Nick Cave (who she praised on a recent interview). On some other tracks it's simply Grace back at her Compass Point days, with that great exotic sophisticated vibe and her menacing spoken vocals. The lyrics are, as usual, brilliant (she's not only a great vocalist but a great writer), personal and entertaining. The album is filled with lush orchestrations, wicked percussion, ambient sounds flavoured with electronica and, on top of it all, her unique voice.This puts recent records I've heard to shame, few other singers have half of the audacity she is showing here, taking risks with her music without compromising her artistic integrity while, at the same time, maintaining her sense of fun. Probably one of the best albums of 2008. Welcome back Grace!

Tracks you must download:
Corporate Cannibal, William's Blood, Hurricane, Devil in My Life.

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