Monday, October 20, 2008

Department Of Eagles - In Ear Park

Formed in 2001, Department of Eagles are Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and Fred Nicolaus, former roommates at the New York University and authors of a very intimate ache-exorcism sound that combines elements of folk, pop and a very small dose of electronica. Their second album, "In Ear Park", is out now and is one of those good examples where you need a few listens until getting completely captivated by its many hidden charms. With a collection of songs that are amazingly written and always seem on the verge of falling into pieces, there are always a few quiet details around the corner to keep us motivated, while a hidden atmosphere that subtly embraces the absurd and the satirical can be felt in the back. It's actually this same atmosphere that takes "In Ear Park" to a theatrical place that suits it so well, featuring complex structures, instrumentations and elements that never seize to expand in our mind. And then, in the middle of all this controlled chaos, there's an amazing song called "No One Does It Like You"... (7/10)

Department Of Eagles - No One Does It Like You (DUMBO session acoustic version)

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