Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Videos # 12

Björk - Army Of Me (live)

No questions here: after more than one year on the road, the Volta tour has sublimed itself to the point of absolute perfection. More fluid, still making no concessions, with an intense and hypnotic build-up set, and amazing new details in every song, inducing an even more complete and out-of-this-world sensory experience that starts as a ritualistic ceremony and ends up in a total ecstatic and celebratory mood. So if the concert I saw last year in Switzerland was already splendid, this one was simply beyond words.

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (live)

I have to confess that although I really like Goldfrapp, I also had some reservations towards the "Seventh Tree" album, but this show completely won me over and actually made me look at that record with a different perspective. So from its beautiful more-intimate numbers like "Utopia", "A&E" or "Little Bird" to the roaring energetic electro anthems like "Number One", "Ooh La La", "Train" or "Strict Machine", it all really felt like a collection of very special moments.

(filmed by JP on the 07 and 08-08-2008 at the SW08 Festival in Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal)

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